ADR Team Tryouts

          Southwestern Team 2011
          Tryouts for UC Hastings Negotiation and Mediation Team (a.k.a. ADR Team) occur at the very beginning of the Fall semester each year.  During the first week of school, look for when the team's information sessions are scheduled.  The information sessions are the best way for you to get your questions about the team answered and to hear from fellow students about being on the team.

          Any Hastings student may tryout for the ADR team, including 1Ls. Adjusting to law school and its demands may not be suitable with the additional demands of the team for some 1Ls.The tryout process is intense during the first month of school, as the schedule below illustrates. After the In School Competition, the demands of the team are less until one's competition approaches. Most competitions take place in the Spring. The month preceding a competition is similar to the tryout schedule, when you will be practicing with your teammates. You will also be asked to help other teams prepare for their competitions when you are not preparing for your own competition, which might be one evening per week.

          Students receive 1 credit per semester for a competition in which they compete.

          The ADR Team has much to offer Hastings students. Alternative Dispute Resolution skills are life skills, and what you learn through the team will aid you in all aspects of your life. More and more, law firms are looking for JDs with practical experience. Team alumni repeatedly report that they get asked about their ADR Team experience in interviews. In addition, the ADR Team is a tight-knit community at Hastings, providing social and academic support to each other. Many have made life-long friends through the team.