Team Results for 2012-2013

TransLaw Team 2012
Our deepest thanks to all of you who helped to make the Negotiation & Mediation Team so successful.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law National Sports Law Negotiation Competition, San Diego CA
3rd Place – Olivera Jovanovic and Sarah Mohammadi

Jeffry Abrams National Mediator Competition, Houston TX
1st Place – Edward Matta

Liberty University National Negotiation Competition, Lynchburg VA
1st Place – Robert McBride and Kyle Gertridge
4th Place – Kathryn Miller and Nicholas Yu

International Chamber of Commerce International Commercial Mediation Competition, Paris France
Best Opening Statements – Grant Shubin, Michael LaFond and Edward Matta
Best Teamwork – Michael LaFond, Edward Matta and Grant Shubin

Cooley School of Law Great Lakes Mediation Tournament, Ann Arbor MI
Individual Awards:
1st Place Advocacy – Robert McBride and Elisabeth Aultman
2nd Place Overall – Ida Khamsi
5th Place Advocacy - Ida Khamsi and Robert McBride
5th Place Mediation - Ida Khamsi

Team Advocacy:
1st Place - Robert McBride, Ida Khamsi, and Elisabeth Aultman
3rd Place -Grant Shubin, Stacy Boven and Kevin Morrisey

Team Mediation:
4th Place - Ida Khamsi, Elisabeth Aultman and Robert McBride

Team Overall:
3rd Place - Elisabeth Aultman, Robert McBride, and Ida Khamsi
5th Place - Kevin Morrisey, Grant Shubin and Stacy Boven

International Competition for Mediation Advocacy, Toronto Canada
3rd Place – Ari Cover, Nicholas Campbell, Olivera Jovanovic and Sarah Mohammadi

International Academy of Dispute Resolution Mediation Competition, Dublin Ireland
4th Place Team Advocacy – Brooke Barnum-Roberts, Erika Schmidt and Julia Graeser
4th Place Individual Advocacy – Erika Schmidt and Brook Barnum-Roberts
7th Place Individual Mediation – Brooke Barnum-Roberts

Western Regional Environmental Law Negotiation Competition, Portland OR
1st Place – Ryan Witthans and Justin Schultz