Team Results for 2013-2014

TransLaw Team 2012
Our deepest thanks to all of you who helped to make the Negotiation & Mediation Team so successful.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law National Sports Law Negotiation Competition, San Diego CA
2nd Place – Ida Khamsi and Robert McBride

Thomas Jefferson

Southwestern Entertainment Law Negotiation Competition, Los Angeles CA
2nd Place - Brian Lowry and Kyle Bonacum
4th Place - Justin Schultz and Pedrom Ghafoori


Jeffry Abrams National Mediator Competition, Houston TX
1st Place – Kyle Gertridge
2nd Place - Alix Pisani

Jeffry Abrams

Regional ABA Negotiation Competition, Berkeley CA
2nd Place - Danielle Chang and Justin Page

Liberty University National Negotiation Competition, Lynchburg VA
1st Place – Mike LaFond and Stacy Boven


National ABA Negotiation Competition, Chicago IL
7th Place - Danielle Chang and Justin Page

National ABA Negotiation

Great Lakes Mediation Tournament, East Lansing MI
1st Place - Maya Ziv, Danielle Bogaards and Mary Chamaki
5th Place - Hannah Worek, Daniel Brannick and James Kachelmeyer

Great Lakes

Regional ABA Representation in Mediation Competition, Boise ID
3rd Place - Brighid Fogharty and Jon Tong

International Academy of Dispute Resolution Mediation Tournament, Chicago IL
3rd Place Mediator - Mike LaFond