Team Results for 2014-2015

          ADR Team

          Our deepest thanks to all of you who helped to make the Negotiation & Mediation Team so successful.

          The UC Hastings ADR Team sent students to five competitions this semester – in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, and Orange County – with remarkable results.  The thirteen teams represented in the five competitions were able to achieve:

          • 3 First Place finishes
          • 3 Second Place finishes
          • 2 Third Place finishes
          • 11 of the 13 teams placed in the Top 5.

          The results were as follows:

          • 1st Place Overall
          • 1st Place Team Mediation
          • 1st Place Individual Advocacy
          • 2nd Place Overall
          • 2nd Place Team Mediation
          • 2nd Place Team Advocacy
          • 3rd Place Individual Mediation
          • 3rd Place Team Advocacy
          • 4th Place Individual Mediation
          • 5th Place Negotiation
          • 5th Place Negotiation
          • 7th Place Individual Mediation
          • 7th Place Individual Advocacy
          • 8th Place Individual Advocacy
          • 8th Place Individual Mediation
          • 10th Place Individual Mediation

          Many thanks to all of those who helped along the way!  The ADR Team will look to build on its success from the fall with seven competitions coming in the spring.  The assignments for the year’s remaining competitions are:

          Liberty University National Negotiation Competition Liberty University School of Law - Lynchburg, VA

          Date TBD (typically last week of January)

          A.  Kevin Morrissey

          B.  Penney Azizi

          C.  Ida Khamsi

          D.  Justin Schultz

          International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Competition International Chamber of Commerce – Paris, France

          February 3-11

          A.  Sarah Barr

          B.  Patrick Thacher

          C.  Brighid Fogarty

          D.  Brian Lowry

          International Academy of Dispute Resolution International Mediation Tournament University College London School of Law – London, UK

          February 15-21

          A. Kevin Morrissey

          B. Kyle Gertridge

          C. Jenna Finegold

          American Bar Association Representation in Mediation Competition Location TBD

          Date TBD (late February or early March)

          A.  Tara Mohseni

          B.  Jessilyn Chwa

          C.  Samantha Finegan

          D.  Emma Gartner

          E.  Jon Tong

          F.  Mary Chamaki

          Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition Fordham University School of Law - New York, NY

          Date TBD (most likely mid-March)

          A.  Bilal Malik

          B.  Skyler Sugimoto

          C.  Corbin McVeigh

          D.  Will Abramovitz

          INADR National Mediation Tournament  Drake University School of Law – Des Moines, IA

          March 16-21

          A.  Daniel Xuli

          B.  Vikram Iyer

          C.  Sylvia Lee

          D.  Whitney Geitz

          E.  Ryan Shuman

          F.  Thomas Russell

          California State Bar Environmental Section Negotiation Competition  Location TBD

          Date TBD (Typically mid/late March)

          A.  Sarah Fay Katz

          B.  Danielle Chang

          C.  Jon Kam

          D.  Hooman Yavi

          The Negotiation Challenge  Location TBD

          Date TBD

          A.  Vikas Srinath

          B.  Kyle Bonacum

          C.  Ida Khamsi