Negotiation DVD

          CNDR Offers Difficult Negotiations DVD and Teaching Notes

          Difficult Negotiations Clips
          Developed in collaboration with the Gould Center for Conflict Resolution Programs, the Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at UC Hastings is pleased to offer "Difficult Negotiations" to professors, students and those in the Alternative Dispute Resolution field.

          This DVD contains three video pairs:

          • Hollywood Divorce "A" and "B"
          • The Deal "A" and "B"
          • Intellectual Property Case "A" and "B"

          The video pairs illustrate behaviors of a difficult negotiation and varied strategies that are less and more effective when negotiators face such challenges. Each video pair begins with a brief introduction to the actors and the history of the dispute, and then opens with an antagonistic situation. The "A" case features a natural, but ineffective handling of the situation while the "B" case demonstrates a more effective response.

          Teaching notes accompany the DVD which include suggested readings, episode summaries and suggested teaching plans.

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